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Tools to last a life time

Showing off his party trick



That looks crazy

Someone’s losing there job 

The new family car a lot cheaper 

Perfect for a garden party 

How to tarmac without a wacka place 

True construction worker 

The good bad and the amazing 😉 

First and last day at work 

First day on the job didn’t work out too well 

Look at muscles 

Sad to see this one 

Your will know about it when that load falls on ya 

That’s how people get killed on the motorway 

Always wear your gloves when loading the crane 

There’s always that one nut that don’t move 

Wiki work fails 

More work problems 😂😱😰

Don’t wear steel toe caps in ur sandals

Dont overpower the buzzbar

Dont climb inside a wood chipper 

Dont smoke while filling up petrol

You can’t beat the makita radio must have 👍😎

Don’t get u wires crossed 👍😞😰

Don’t create your own power supply 

Always check your tyres 

Don’t use a cart as a spare wheel for your car