Showing off his party trick



The new family car a lot cheaper 

How to tarmac without a wacka place 

True construction worker 

The good bad and the amazing 😉 

Clearly no regards for safety 

First day on the job didn’t work out too well 

Look at muscles 

I’m going for a Louie shitton 

Your will know about it when that load falls on ya 

That’s how people get killed on the motorway 

Always wear your gloves when loading the crane 

There’s always that one nut that don’t move 

Who ordered the fighter jet

ve had that spanner for years…just couldn’t let it go…. So now it’s a door key/fidget spinner

More work problems 😂😱😰



No safety in them days 

Make sure you have room for your tools 

Don’t let your wife in the loft 😮😮

Always wear a harness wen working with heights

Patch up job lol😂😂

DONT Weald next to highly flammable materials 

Don’t overload the work horse 🐴 

DONT overload your work vehicle 

Bad plumbing do not copy 

DONT lift the mobile lifter 

Watch out for this one 

No health and safety in them days 👎🤔🤔

Don’t get to close to the edge risk of death

Always work to the best of your ability 

Don’t fit a sink with books and a chair

Always wear your ppe 😝😝

DON’T stand on a shopping trolley to reach the top shelf