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Amazing people skills

Craziest accident fails 2019

These Accident fail videos all have one thing in common: complete morons hurting themselves. Whether it’s the bartender at the bar who thinks adding fire to his mixology repertoire is a good idea, or the kid trying to do a backflip off of his skateboard, it’s hard to imagine what the people in these funny gifs could have possibly been thinking. Even though these images don’t have sound, you can almost hear the impact in your head and imagine the next morning’s medical bills. Some of these epic fails can be predicted from the first image, when others go wrong in a completely different way than you would have ever expected.

Either way, you won’t know whether to laugh or cringe. @peoplefails

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Tools to last a life time

You might need glasses

Showing off his party trick



This is a situation you don’t want to be in Scary stuff 

That looks crazy

Someone’s losing there job 

True construction worker 

The good bad and the amazing 😉 

First and last day at work 

First day on the job didn’t work out too well 

Get you believe this one 

Look at muscles 

Sad to see this one 

I’m going for a Louie shitton 

Your will know about it when that load falls on ya 

That’s how people get killed on the motorway 

Always wear your gloves when loading the crane 

There’s always that one nut that don’t move 

Who ordered the fighter jet

ve had that spanner for years…just couldn’t let it go…. So now it’s a door key/fidget spinner

Team work 

Are you sure you’ve done painting before 

Every one needs one of these 

Toolboxtalk safety questions 

When using powder-actuated tools you must …A. 

Test tool each day before loading to ensure the safety devices are working properly


Wear suitable ear, eye, and face protection


Select a powder level that will do the work without excessive force


Obtain appropriate training from a certified trainer, i.e. Hilti representative


All of the above

DONT 😥😥👎👎


Probley better than some of the apprentices out there

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DONT 👍👍 😴😴

Sleeping on the job


Unless you find a better place………..

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