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different types of cement

Coloured Cement Coloured cement is obtained by mixing ordinary portland cement with 5 – 10% mineral pigments. The pigments impart colours to the cement. Uses This types of cement is widely used for decorative works in floors and ceiling. Coloured cement is commonly used in grouting of tiles. The cement is selected such that the colour of the grout and colour of tiles match perfectly … Continue reading different types of cement

Craziest accident fails 2019 These Accident fail videos all have one thing in common: complete morons hurting themselves. Whether it’s the bartender at the bar who thinks adding fire to his mixology repertoire is a good idea, or the kid trying to do a backflip off of his skateboard, it’s hard to imagine what the people in these funny gifs could have possibly been thinking. Even though these … Continue reading Craziest accident fails 2019

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