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You might need glasses

Showing off his party trick



This is a situation you don’t want to be in Scary stuff 

Someone’s losing there job 

The good bad and the amazing 😉 

Your will know about it when that load falls on ya 

There’s always that one nut that don’t move 

Wiki work fails 

Don’t wear steel toe caps in ur sandals

Dont overpower the buzzbar

Dont climb inside a wood chipper 

Dont smoke while filling up petrol

Watch out for sinkholes 

Sleeping on the job









Don’t mess around with grinders only takes a little chip in the blade or not fitted correctly 

Make sure the bricks match up 🙈🙈😩

Don’t cover electrics with a cocktail umbrella

Oldskool no rules in them days 😱😳

Don’t cover broken tiles with a piece of paper 😂👎👎

Don’t hang a light bulb like this 

DONT dunk your self in a puddle of mud 😓😓😱

Always wear the correct ppe